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Accountability – both personal and corporate. Every one of us is responsible for their actions and must hold others accountable for theirs as well.

Communication – CAT believes in open communication. Not every question can be answered immediately, but it will be answered. We aspire to communicate as clearly, fully, and quickly as possible.

Professionalism – we are all professional educators in some form or another, and we can each add value through sharing knowledge and expertise. We will listen to our students, but we will operate the colleges to our standards and meet or exceed the standards of the industries we serve.

Personal and professional development – these are a fundamental part of the education we deliver. It is our objective to graduate individuals who will work effectively in industry and within society itself.

Quality of life – we believe in hard work, but a balance between work and personal life is critical to personal success. This is an individual issue and changes over time, but it is essential that this balance be respected.

Opportunities – everyone deserves an opportunity to reach for their goals, but not everyone will necessarily be successful, or even fit within our instructional or teaching environment.

Change is constant – the world and business are constantly changing and evolving. CAT must keep current in order to remain healthy and relevant in the marketplace.

You’re never too old to learn – CAT believes in life-long learning opportunities for anyone who has the motivation and a dream.

Have fun – we believe in humour and having fun at work.

Respect – we believe in treating all people with respect and consideration.

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